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Hand-Crafted Hardwood Gavels and Favors

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Standard Gavel

#1 From $21.80
10-1/2" Standard Gavel
The best selling standard gavel for price and quality #1 Best Seller
Judges Gavels #2 $32.20
11" Judges Gavels
A reasonable priced Judges Gavel #1 Best Selling Judges Gavel

A wonderful gavel with 3D depth
#3 From $99.95
3D Gavels
Select your 3D Model and let us carve your one of a kind gavel (Our Most Beautiful Gavel Ever!)

laser Engraved Gavels
#4 99.95
Laser Engraved and Hand-Carved Gavels
A really special gavel

Granite Gavels
#5 $479.00
Granite Gavels
The Real Stone Gavel and Sound Block Sets

Star Gavels
#6 $259.00
Star Gavels
Hand Made Gavels from Oak and Walnut

A wonderful gavel with 3D depth
#7 $172.95
Checkered Gavels
Made Gavel of Oak, Maple and Walnut

Custom Gavels
#8 124.95
Standard Hand-Crafted Gavels
For those with Quality in Mind

Eight Sided Gavels
#9 $124.95
Eight-Sided Gavels
Walnut or Oak Eight-sided Gavels

laser Engraved Gavels
#10 259.95
Rhombus Gavels
A really special segmented gavel

Speakers Gavels
#11 $170.00
Speakers Gavels
15" Walnut Speakers Gavels

Hand-Made Gavels
#12 152.00
Hand-Carved Gavels
Gavels offer a wonderful verity of patterns

Color My Gavel
#13 $24.95
Color My Gavel
Yes we color the gavels. Your choice of standard colored gavels
10-1/2 in. Standard Maple Gavels

The Real Gavel Pencil
#14 $3.50
Gavel Pencils
Purchase One Gavel or One Hundred and One gavels

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